Welcome to the Ivy Rewards Program

We are excited to introduce you to our new Ivy Rewards Program! To thank you for being a loyal customer, we created this program that helps you earn discounts and save! Through the Ivy Rewards Program, you can accumulate points that can be redeemed for discounts on future purchases. To participate, you must have or create an account at AKA20Pearls.com and logged in at time of purchase. Guest purchases earn rewards also but can only be redeemed when you create an account. 

Ivy Reward points can be earned in several easy ways.

Shop, Share and Socialize

1) Earn Points When You Shop: Earn 1 Ivy Reward point for each $1 you spend. Once you earn 100 points you earned a $5 reward. As your points continue to build you can build on your $5 increment rewards. It's just that simple! *

100 Ivy Reward point is equal to $5.

2) Earn Points When You Share: Through our new program, you can earn additional Ivy Reward Points when you share AKA20Pearls on Facebook and Twitter. Simply share aka20pearls from your Ivy Rewards dashboard for points to be earned.

3) Earn Points When You Socialize: Sorors and friends not shopping with AKA20Pearls, yet? When you refer AKA20Pearls to your friends and family via your special referral code, they will get $5 off of their purchase. When they complete a purchase you then get $10 referred to your Ivy Rewards Dashboard for use. 

4) Earn On Your Birthday: We know how important that special day is to you. Why not, it's your special day. Enter your birthday on your dashboard and receive an Ivy Reward Gift (changes every year) on your special day. Now thats love!

5) Earn When You Sign Up: Join our program and get Ivy Reward Points added to your account as a thank you for signing up. 

*Excludes chapter bulk purchases made via call in or mail in. Any bulk orders made online, points are awarded to that login account

Welcome to the Ivy Rewards Program. Let’s start earning points!